Nothing Lasts Forever
(2022, 6' 16mm loop, motion sensor)

People have been anticipating the “death of film” for decades, so at one level, “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER” is a nod to that conversation, although an ironic one, since film seems still to be very much alive. At another level, it’s a joke about the loop form, where a simple 10-second loop DOES actually “last forever.” Finally, though, this loop is a specific material artifact that will slowly degrade over time, so, like all of us, it is destined to have a finite life, a fact with which all of us mortals must eventually make our peace.

Like "Everything Old is New Again," this loop is made from scanned handwriting, converted into vector files and etched on a laser cutter. Made for Cellular Cinema's final screening, which was on the theme of "Closer/Closure," giving the title yet another meaning.